RUSH: Trump Voters Didn’t Listen To Trump When He Endorsed Luther Strange

RUSH: Don’t forget, you know, Trump wanted Luther Strange. At the beginning of all of this he wanted Luther Strange to be the Republican nominee. And who knows, but it might have been different if Luther Strange had been running. But remember what happened. When Trump got behind Luther Strange, what did the people of Alabama do?

The people of Alabama said, “No, no, no, no, Mr. President, no, no, no, no, no.” And they elected Roy Moore. And they elected Roy Moore because they thought Luther Strange was a McConnell acolyte, a swamp dweller, and they’re fed up with that. So Roy Moore became attractive in exactly the way I’m saying. And Trump voters didn’t listen to Trump when he was endorsing Luther Strange. And I think the reason they didn’t is because I don’t think they thought that’s what Trump really wanted. I think they thought Trump was trying to make deals with the swamp, was trying to buy ’em off here.

So I think people that voted for Roy Moore over Luther Strange in the primary were actually trying to protect Trump. They thought they were doing what Trump really wanted even though Trump had to say he was for Strange. This whole thing has been a mess. And it’s a mess because the Republican establishment murkies the water and clouds them and ends up, in their steadfast opposition to genuine conservatives, it causes, you know, second- and third tier people to run for office who are easily characterized as kooks or what have you.

And they end up becoming purity candidates untainted by the establishment, untainted by politics, untainted by this or that. But the problem with purity candidates is they lose. They’re not winnable candidates.


RUSH: Alabama Election Was Sealed With The Choice Of Jeff Sessions To Be Attorney General

RUSH: If you ask me, this election was sealed with the choice of Jeff Sessions to be attorney general.


RUSH: But I think — and of course this is a hindsight thing. It’s easy for people to say this, in hindsight. But the real mistake in Alabama was taking Jeff Sessions out of the Senate and making him AG. Now, I know why it happened. Sessions was the earliest — I mean, was right in there with Flynn. Jeff Sessions was the earliest Republican, the highest ranking Republican official to endorse Trump, to support Trump, to be seen with Trump at rallies.

It was all about immigration. Jeff Sessions is singularly focused on immigration, protecting the borders. No finer man exists. But he’s not a Trump personality type. He’s not a warrior. He’s partisan, but he’s not gonna be carrying the spears out there. Just not his personality type. And Trump wants people like that. But if Jeff Sessions were still in the Senate, none of this would have happened.


RUSH: Roy Moore Loss Means ‘BIG LOSER’ Al Franken Doesn’t Have A Leg To Stand On

RUSH: There’s a big loser in this thing. It’s Al Franken. Now he has to quit. They have named his replacement, but he’s not going anywhere. He has not said when he’s gonna leave!

And, you know, it was almost a given that if Roy Moore won that Al Franken would say, “You know what? There’s no reason for me to leave. If the Republicans want this guy, there’s no reason I’m leaving.” Well, now that Roy Moore lost… The Democrats thought Moore was gonna win, by the way. Let me give you one other thing about this. This whole strategy of theirs of jettisoning anybody on their side who has ever looked at a woman the wrong way to clear the decks to be able to, with credibility, attack Trump primarily and Roy Moore if he had won…

I mean, they fully expected Moore to win, and they expected that to give them a huge advantage and boost going into 2018. They were prepared either way. But if Moore won, they had the campaign rolled out — “Republicans like reprobates! Republicans like kooks! Republicans like weirdos! Republicans like pedophiles!” — and for them to do that, Franken would have to go, and anybody else. Well, now Roy Moore didn’t win. Roy Moore lost, and that means Franken doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

I mean, since the voters… Democrats… Voters rejected a pedophile, a kook, oddball. Who shows up to vote on a horse? I mean, I could just see the ads coming down. So what’s Franken do in this circumstance? (interruption) Well, he’s gonna try to stay. Mark my words, he’s going to try to stay. He’s gonna do everything he can to stay and he’ll try to massage this result in Alabama as leverage.


RUSH: Democrats Are Getting Rid Of People Who Are Going To Be Replaced By Like-Minded Leftists

RUSH: Now, the observation has been made to me that, “Rush, be very, very careful here, because what the Democrats are doing is very shrewd. Yes, you are correct. They are excommunicating the sexual harassers in their midst. But they are getting rid of people whose replacements are guaranteed to be liberal Democrats. So they are not losing strength. They are not getting rid of people who are gonna be replaced by Republicans.” And, yeah, that’s true. We’ve noted this. Al Franken.

That’s why these people don’t mean anything to them personally. They don’t care about Al Franken. I don’t think Franken knows this yet. Maybe he’s figured it out. And all the others that they are waving good-bye to. They’re moving ’em out of there. They’re showing no loyalty no matter what they’ve done. No matter how much money they’ve raised, no matter how they’ve voted, doesn’t matter, they’re gone if there’s a taint of sexual harassment. But they’re only getting rid of people who are going to be replaced by fellow like-minded leftists.

But once you start excommunicating people, you can’t start making exceptions, and who knows where this is gonna end? I’m talking about from their standpoint. It’s clear what they’re doing. They are attempting to claim the moral high ground on the treatment of women, and they’re getting rid of their bad actors in a very public and very almost matter-of-fact, mean way. They’re not tolerant. They’re not being compassionate. These harassers are bad actors and they’re gone, all so as to be able to get rid of Trump via impeachment by taking back the House in 2018. That’s the endgame here.


Limbaugh To Gillibrand: “Trump Is RIGHT. You Are A HYPOCRITE!”

RUSH: So Kirsten Gillibrand, for the last 20 years, madam, you supported, you endorsed, you hobnobbed, you took money from and God knows what else from the likes of Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein. You’re right in there with ’em. You’re defending Clinton, didn’t do anything wrong, nothing to keep you at your distance from him, he was a hero of yours just like he was the rest of the Democratic Party.

Harvey Weinstein, ditto. You never once tried to distance yourself from Weinstein before the story broke. You are right in there with ’em, Senator Gillibrand. Now all of a sudden you find religion. Now all of a sudden you are righteously offended, terribly indignant and stupefied at how the president could so disrespect you.

Well, Trump is right. You are a hypocrite, and more. You are the one not genuine. You’re the one perhaps who should be ashamed. You are the lightweight here, Ms. Gillibrand, Senator Gillibrand. The selective outrage so obviously part of an opposition research campaign.

And there you are, dependable as ever, willing to be the biggest hypocrite on earth, now that others, including you, have decided to throw Bill Clinton overboard which you probably don’t even really mean ’cause you didn’t do it when it mattered. You just did it to clear the decks for going after Trump. Here is Kirsten Gillibrand, now a victim, a helpless snowflake victim of Donald Trump’s tweets, words in the ether. Here’s what she said.

GILLIBRAND: It was a sexist smear attempting to silence my voice. And I will not be silenced on this issue. Neither will the women who stood up to the president yesterday, and neither will the millions of women who have been marching since the women’s march to stand up against policies they do not agree with.

RUSH: She’s a victim. She’s a victim of Trump’s tweets. So mean. It’s so unfair. But she’s not gonna be silenced, and neither are the other women wearing those vagina hats ever since the inauguration. Not a bit.