Mark Levin Explains Why He’s CERTAIN The ‘Piece Of Trash’ Trump Dossier Was Used To Get FISA Warrant

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RUSH: TV Journalists And White House Press Corps Are ACTORS

RUSH: So I just took an informal survey at breakfast.

I said, “Look, with no bias in the question, with no wrong answer, can any of you tell me if you were distressed for any reason over Trump’s references to African countries, whatever, what he said?”  And not a single one of them did. We’re talking double-digit numbers here. Not a single one of them had a problem with it and, in fact, all of them supported it.  And, frankly, it surprised me.  I thought there would be at least one or two who would say, “I think it’s unpresidential.  I don’t disagree with the sentiment, but I just can’t believe that he say these kinds of things at people.”  But I didn’t even get that.  I got unilateral agreement.

And it’s not because they’re afraid of me. They’re not afraid I’m gonna go here and expose them on the radio. They know I don’t do that. I didn’t get one. Now, this is anecdotal. I’m not saying it’s scientific or representative of anything. I’m just saying I could not find anybody that was — and you look, Anderson Cooper was near tears. And Brian Stelter could barely contain himself. And these CNN people were stuttering and they were preening as moral superiorists like it was the absolute almost worst thing they’d ever heard and it just offends me.

These people talk this way every day to themselves talking about us. They think Mississippi is a hellhole. They think Alabama’s a hellhole. They think flyover country is for bitter clinger redneck reprobates. They talk this way all the time. I don’t think Anderson Cooper almost crying was genuine. I don’t even think these people are news anchors. I think they are actors. I actually now believe that not only is the daily so-called news a soap opera, but the journalists reporting it on television are actors. And the White House press corps, the reason they want the cameras in there, they are actors. Anderson Cooper learned how to fake the near tears.

I just can’t believe that somebody is so naive to believe that people don’t talk that way, especially when they idolize people like LBJ.


RUSH: Possible That Some ‘Deranged Lunatic’ In Emergency Management Agency Sparked False Hawaii Missile Alert

RUSH: So it is not hard for me to understand, not hard for me to believe that there’s some lunatic in the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency who literally believes that Donald Trump is the worst human being ever born, the worst president ever, and people need to know what he’s going to do.

I do not doubt that there is a level of unhinged insanity at the highest levels of government that you would think this kind of behavior would be weeded out and nobody would be there. They are being driven insane each and every day. As each day comes and goes and Trump survives, they become even more unglued and unhinged. So the possibility that some deranged lunatic did this on purpose to try to show people, to try to warn people, to try to give people a heads-up about what could happen out there?

I would totally believe it if this were to be discovered and reported. It would make total sense with everything else that’s happened in the past year and a half. I mean, we’re relying on a fake dossier bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton that is filled with made-up allegations, none of it corroborated. We probably have all of these investigations taking place because of it. We have probably the Trump campaign and transition team spied on by virtue of a FISA warrant using this dossier.

It wasn’t that long ago that this kind of thing, nobody would think is possible. “People are too responsible in these positions. These are very jobs in important positions in law enforcement. This is too important.” But they have been corrupted by their own hatred, by their own misery, by their own depression, the fact they can’t get rid of Trump, the fact they couldn’t beat Trump, the fact that Trump survives them every day.

It would be easier to describe the American left the last year and a half as completely, totally unhinged and insane than describe them as normal, predictable, “This is the way it’s always been.” It’s not the way it’s always been! Thirty-four minutes and he hit the wrong button twice? You can’t find probably maybe 200 conservatives in the whole state of Hawaii, except maybe for the military.


LIMBAUGH: Anger Over Trump’s ‘S—HOLE’ Remark Is ‘FAUX RAGE’

RUSH: Some Drive-Bys are reporting that Trump is reveling in the controversy. He’s loving the fact that he’s got ’em so stirred up. I don’t know about that. But all I can tell you is I have been there. I have been in the midst of these kind of firestorms, folks, and I can tell you that this is all faux rage. It is faux anger. It is faux outrage. It is made up. It is for the cameras. It’s for the microphones. It’s for the audience.

It’s based on the presumption that virtually everybody finds Trump reprehensible and always has, and this is just the final straw. And I don’t believe that these people are sincerely outraged. They are sincerely excited because it is yet (what they believe) another opportunity to get rid of Trump. They need to consult history. The NBC Access Hollywood Video didn’t do it. Trump’s remarks when he announced his candidacy didn’t do it.

They, to this day, do not know why Trump is popular. They, to this day, do not know why Trump was elected. They think they do, and they chalk it up to, “Well, there must be more bigots in America than we thought. There must be more racists in America than we thought.” They’re still in a massive state of denial, and I think they are becoming more and more unhinged as each day goes by that they haven’t been able to get rid of Trump.

And let’s face it: If this controversy… Let’s say the mild-mannered Mitt Romney had been overheard saying this. Mitt Romney probably would have resigned by now in shame and would be begging forgiveness or what have you. Take any other Republican, establishment Republican. But it doesn’t seem to stick to or damage Trump. Now, let me see if I can surmise how you who voted for Trump think. You people who voted for Trump are people who have been bombarded for decades with the media and Hollywood.

Pop culture, essentially, has been pushing all kinds of garbage and filth and trash in your face everywhere you turn. You can’t turn on TV, you can’t go to the movies, you can’t listen to music without having a bunch of filth and trash forced down your throat. You’ve been forced to watch deviant behavior, and you’ve been told you must accept it and you’ve been told you must love it and embrace it or else you’re a bigot.


RUSH: REAL RACISTS Are Right There, Smack Dab In Our MEDIA

RUSH: It’s time for the 50-year proclamation, anniversary of the proclamation of Martin Luther King Day. And Trump presided over the ceremony. And it was in the White House. And he was surrounded by African-Americans, smiling, beaming African-Americans, thrilled to be there, thrilled to be there and part of this ceremony honoring Dr. King.

Vice President Mike Pence was there standing right behind Trump. He was smiling. There was not one sign, there was not one indication that there was the slightest bit of controversy that had gone on in the last 12 hours or 24. It was surreal. And the media’s in there, and you can hear their shutters snapping on their cameras. And you just know that they’re wanting to shout all kinds of questions, and they’re wanting to embarrass Trump, and they’re wanting to pummel Trump. But they hold back because it’s a ceremony honoring Dr. King.

And what was surreal about it was it was the elephant in the room. Here the Drive-Bys have created this, “Oh, my gosh. Can you believe it? It’s unreal. It’s unpresidential.” All of this over the president’s choice of a word. And a ceremony honoring Dr. King, and there’s Ben Carson and members of the King family, and they’re loving Trump, and they’re honored to be there. And you just know the media’s about to flip its wig. This isn’t supposed to happen. And so here’s Trump. We have two sound bites. A portion of his remarks at the proclamation ceremony.

THE PRESIDENT: Dr. King’s faith and his love for humanity led him and so many other heroes to courageously stand up for civil rights of African-Americans. Through his bravery and sacrifice, Dr. King opened the eyes and lifted the conscience of our nation. He stirred the hearts of our people to recognize the dignity written in every human soul.

RUSH: Stop the tape. Stop the tape. Can you imagine the media? “Dignity! You have the guts, you have the gonads to talk about dignity, you reprobate, you pig!” I can just hear it. I can hear the media’s flipping its wig! Trump’s talking about the dignity and conscience of our people and they’re just about to explode. And Trump continues…

THE PRESIDENT: And we celebrate Dr. King for standing up for the self-evident truth Americans hold so dear, that no matter what the color of our skin or the place of our birth, we are all created equal by God.

RUSH: “Except for those people from those butthole places, right, Mr. President? Except for those people, right?” You just know they’re going nuts, and they did.

REPORTER: Mr. President, will you give an apology for the statement yesterday?

REPORTER: Mr. President, were you (bleep) countries?

REPORTER: Mr. President, (unintelligible) are you a racist?

REPORTER: Mr. President, can you respond to these serious questions about the statement, sir?

REPORTER: Mr. President, are you a racist?

RUSH: “Mr. President! Mr. President! Are you a racist, Mr. President? Do you want to apologize for that word, Mr. President? Mr. President!” Meanwhile, Trump and the assembled honorees — black civil rights leaders, Ben Carson, Mike Pence, members of the King family — they’re hugging each other. They are congratulating each other. Trump signs proclamation while the media’s shouting these questions it happen performance surreal. It was a giant disconnect, because the media… I guarantee you, the media was thinking that all of those African-Americans in that meeting should have boycotted and shouldn’t even gone out there.

And if they did go out there they should have refused to participate and they should have said, “Trump you’re a racist and you’re a pig and you’re not gonna bring us into your ceremony and give you any kind of credence!” But that didn’t happen. The African-Americans eagerly worked with the president, participated in this proclamation ceremony. The Drive-Bys were forced to point out… I shouldn’t say forced. The Drive-Bys could not wait to point out that all the African-Americans in the room were Republican.

And so what did that mean? “Well, they’re just tokens, obviously! Trump brought in a bunch of tokens. Those weren’t real African-Americans. Those weren’t real blacks. Those were just a bunch of tokens.” That’s what they implied by saying that. So who is it that the real racists are? Who is it that literally owns so much of the bigotry that we are faced with every day? It’s right there smack-dab in our media.