RUSH: Trump Is Having More FUN Than Any Politician Ever!

RUSH: I think Trump’s having more fun than you and I can possibly imagine.  I know he is, folks, I used to do the Rush to Excellence Tour the first two years of this program back in 1989 — actually three, ’88, ’89, and ’90.  And when he’s on stage — he’s got another one in coming up Fayetteville, North Carolina — but last Thursday night in Cincinnati, I’m telling you, he’s having more fun than any politician has ever been thought to be having fun.

He is literally immersed in enjoyment and joy.  He is eating it up.  And I think this endless parade of people parading in and out of the Trump Tower, I think a lot of it is just a show.  The people involved don’t know it.  I mean, everybody being brought in there, they want to be seen, they’re stopping for the cameras, and some of them are walking to the microphones.  They want to be seen.  They want the news out that they have been summoned to Trump Tower.

It’s the red carpet in reverse.  He’s rolling out the red carpet.  But they’re all making the trek to see him.  The only one who is not is Dr. Kissinger.  (Kissinger impression) “I told the president-elect that the only place I’m going to go is to Le Cirque and if he wants to see me, to meet me there, or come to my office.” And that’s it, Trump’s going to his office. (interruption) Hmm?  Well, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.  But the contrast here to what everybody told us to expect versus what’s happening is stark.


RUSH: Much, Much More Going On Behind Trump’s Boeing Tweet


RUSH: Here’s the story of Boeing and the Clintons.  Ready for this? In 2010, two months after Hillary went to Moscow to broker a $3.7 billion trade deal with Russia, “Boeing donated $900,000 to the Clinton Foundation… Then in July 2012, just months after the State Department helped it secure major deals in Indonesia and Saudi Arabia, Boeing said it wanted to sponsor a speech by Bill Clinton…

“Bill Clinton was paid $250,000,” and Boeing also gave Hillary $166,735 in 2016 for her campaign.  So Hillary Clinton as secretary of state had helped Boeing broker two deals, one in Russia (a $3.7 billion deal) which got them a $900,000 contribution to the Clinton Foundation, and in 2012 Boeing hired Bill to do a speech for a quarter mill — chump change compared to what they’ve been sending Hilary. Plus, they sent about $170,000 in campaign donations.  Trump knows all this.  He’s very much aware of the cronyism that’s been going on.

Now he’s out saying… (telephone ringing) Hang on, folks.  Somebody’s calling me here.  It’s a wrong number.  I heard something and said, “What the heck is that?”  It sounded like a tech malfunction. I looked over and saw it was my phone.  Did that sound like a phone ringing to you? (interruption) Okay.  I did not lose my place.  You thought it was some tech snafu, too, and were wondering what the hell was going on.  I’m sure you thought what are you doing wrong in there that I’m gonna get mad at.

So Trump is very much aware of all this and goes out and publicly says, “We’re throwing $4 billion away on this Air Force One plane.” He said, “Tear it up. Cancel the order.”  Well, it’s a little late to cancel the order, but I’m telling you, folks, there is much, much more going on here than one little Trump tweet would indicate.  I think you should use this as, eh, a little bit of a teachable moment.  Trump is not the dummy.  He’s not ignorant.

He’s not the inexperienced bull in a china shop that they want you to believe he is.  And as we’ve just demonstrated here with this one little 140-character tweet about canceling the order for the new Air Force Ones because Boeing is charging too much, look at what all the backstory is.  Boeing in Iran. Boeing in Russia. Boeing with the Clintons. This may not sit well with Trump.  So the point is, there’s always stuff going on behind a Trump tweet or a Trump story that you don’t know.  Trump is not a surface individual.  There’s more depth to him than anybody wants to acknowledge here.


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