Mark Levin Interviews Freedom Caucus Chair Mark Meadows

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Mark Levin Reminds Trump That He’s Supposed To ‘DRAIN THE SWAMP’

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RUSH: If Trump Is A Tyrant Like HITLER, How Did The Health Care Bill Fail?

RUSH: By the way, for all of you leftists out there who think that Trump’s Hitler, that Trump’s an autocrat, that Trump’s a tyrant? Then how did the health care bill fail? If Trump’s all of this horrible stuff, why didn’t he just order it done — and if he didn’t get the votes, shoot the people that didn’t support it? Why’d he do the things that Hitler did? You have to reverse it to get to who’s really who, who’s really the authoritarians, who are the intolerant ones.


RUSH: Democrats Are ‘FEELING THEIR OATS’ Like They Can’t Believe

RUSH: Here’s where I think the Democrats are, folks. I think the Democrats are feeling their oats like they can’t believe. The psychological graph here: You go to election night; they think they’re gonna win in a landslide. Then they don’t. And the bottom has fallen out. And they can’t believe it. It is hell on earth. It’s one thing to lose when you expect to lose. You prepare yourself for it.

It’s another thing to lose when you lose by a landslide that you thought you were gonna win in a landslide. So they had to scramble the decks. They had to reorient and redo everything. And they had to go from a massive, upbeat, optimistic, “We’re gonna finally take over America and make it a socialist empire!” They had to go from that to nothing but total resistance, realizing they didn’t have the numbers to stop anything, on top of having lost a thousand seats. Now where are they? The first attempt to get rid of their baby — national health care, Obamacare — blows up.

And it blows up not because of anything they did. It blows up because their opponents don’t know how to win. I’m thinking the Democrats have to be feeling their oats right now, don’t you? I’m thinking the Democrats are on cloud nine. I wouldn’t be surprised if they filibuster Gorsuch. They just announced they’re gonna delay the committee vote on Gorsuch for a week. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Democrats today are thinking they can stop everything now, that Trump is not gonna get anything, that they can stop his tax reform, they can stop the infrastructure, they can stop anything they want, or they can choose to join Trump on whatever he wants.

In the process, they can join Trump on whatever is appealing to them and do further damage to the Republicans left out in the cold as nothing more than the illustration of who the real opposition is in Washington. They can’t believe their good luck here. I’m guaranteeing you. So they’re now plotting how to capitalize on all this. Now, where are the opportunities here for Trump and the Republicans?



LIMBAUGH: Democrats Are SALIVATING At The Opportunity To Work With Trump

RUSH: Chelsea Clinton Was SCARED TO DEATH That Lincoln Wore A ‘Make America Great Again’ Hat

RUSH: Chelsea Clinton. Last Friday night here at Mar-a-Lago at the winter White House, the Republican Party of South Florida or whatever it is had its annual Lincoln Day Dinner. They created a program that you get if you go in, like you get a program at a ballgame. They had a little program with the agenda in it — who’s speaking, who’s saying what, how much to send to this person. It’s a fundraising thing.

So on the front of the program is an artist’s drawing of Abe Lincoln wearing a Make America Great cap, a red Make America Great cap on the head of Abe Lincoln. It is a drawing. Chelsea Clinton saw it; she sent out a tweet: “Please tell me this is photoshopped. Please?” Meaning, it’s likely that Chelsea Clinton literally actually believed that Abraham Lincoln had worn a Make America Great cap and had been photographed wearing it back in 1863! She was serious, folks. She was scared to death that Lincoln actually wore the hat.