Rush Limbaugh Explains Trump’s ‘Sniffing’ Problem At Debate

RUSH: Trump got beat up for this last night, for having the sniffles.  He didn’t have the sniffles last night.  Because I am a highly trained broadcast specialist who understands the technology here.  That’s how Trump was breathing.  They have positioned the mic — I don’t know — not charging anything here, but his mic was positioned in such a way that you were able to hear him inhale.

He was breathing through his nose because it’s more polite to do that than to open your mouth wide and then breathe.  And you can hear when people do that, too.  If you listen to radio — a broadcast professional knows when to breathe and how to breathe and you can hear it.  It’s like stage spit.  Do you know what stage spit is?  Stage spit is the sign of a highly professional live performer.  I first bore witness to this, interestingly enough, when I was attending the Super Bowl in San Diego.


It was the Super Bowl about the Broncos and the Redskins where the Redskins just wiped ’em out.  Doug Williams was the quarterback for the Redskins and Timmy Smith, the unheard of running back, had 135 yards or whatever. The Broncos scored first.  This is the episode I had my first flyover. Sitting in the end zone, the planes coming out, I went bonkers when I saw it.  The night before there was a concert, Frank Sinatra and Liza Minnelli, and Liza Minnelli was spitting all over the place.  And I said, “What the hell is this?”  I was positioned, the lighting, where I could see it.

And I talked to somebody and they said, “Oh, that’s stage spit.  That means she’s really doing well.”  It has to do with projection and voice control and you have to get rid of the saliva in your mouth.  And you can’t spit when you’re performing, you have to find a way to get rid of it as you’re singing, and it comes out — it’s the same thing with breathing.  You will hear on an audio-only commercial when you listen to radio, you’ll hear somebody go “uhh” real quick, take a real deep breath in the middle of it. And if they have compression on you’ll hear that really pumped up and sound as loud as somebody’s voice is what compression does.

Trump last night was breathing through his nose which of course is gonna sound like a sniffle. (interruption) Yes, I did stage spit all the time in the Rush to Excellence tour.  You have to know how to do that.  You have to be able to, shall we say, project the saliva.  You can’t sit there and swallow all night in the middle of a performance.  Sinatra was stage spitting, too.  It’s not glaring.  I mean, it’s not actually spitting.  The saliva comes out of your mouth as you’re singing.

And it’s the same thing with what Trump was doing last night inhaling.  He was inhaling through his nose and you could just hearing it like you can hear it when I do it there.  (interruption) What did Howard Dean say?   Hm-hm.  Are you kidding?  Are you kidding?  Howard Dean speculated that Trump might be blowing coke?  You ever wonder why you didn’t hear Hillary breathe?  What are you gonna say, ’cause she’s a reptile and doesn’t breathe through her mouth?  What are you gonna say?  No, no, no.  You didn’t hear her breathe, did you?  Wonder why.  Wonder why.


RUSH: Hillary Clearly Communicated Her Arrogance, Hubris, Contempt, And Her Viciousness

RUSH: I want to go back to our first caller, who mentioned Hillary’s condescending smirk and smile and her attitude.  Folks, this is potentially huge.  The Drive-Bys are going to miss it entirely ’cause they don’t look at things like this.  They measure these debates by what people say.  That is how they score all of this.  And they miss the old creed:  People rarely remember what you tell them, but they never forget how you make them feel.

Hillary Clinton does not and did not last night inspire feel good.  She doesn’t have it in her.  She was condescending. She was rolling her eyes at times. She was clearly insulting Trump by looking like she thought he was an idiot.  People notice this stuff, like Algore sighing throughout the first debate he had with George W. Bush.  And every Drive-By Media inside-the-Beltway establishment member is gonna miss all of this because they judge these debates on words, rhetoric.  “Who scored the most points?  Who got in the best zingers?”

By tonight nobody’s gonna remember what anybody said specifically.  They’re not gonna remember any zingers.  There weren’t any good zingers.  There was nothing memorable last night in terms of what was said.  But there was everything memorable about how people were made to feel.  Attitude and personality is measured by demeanor and appearance.  And I’m just telling you, with that grating smirk, Hillary clearly communicated her arrogance, her hubris. Even Colin Powell talked about her hubris, her contempt and her viciousness.


YESSS!! Listen To What Trump Said At Debate That Had Rush Limbaugh FIST PUMPING And CHEERING

RUSH: When I heard Trump say this about presidential experience, Kathryn is sitting right next to me; I just put my fist in the air and went, “Yes!”  Here’s what happened…

TRUMP:  Hillary, I just ask you this.  You’ve been doing this for 30 years.  Why are you just thinking these solutions right now?  For 30 years you’ve been doing it, and now you’re just starting to think of solutions?

HILLARY:  Well, I will —

TRUMP:  Excuse me.  I will bring back jobs.  You can’t bring back jobs.

HILLARY:  Well, actually, I have thought about this quite a bit.

TRUMP:  Yeah, for 30 years.

RUSH:  Big point of mine, and has been all summer long: Hillary Clinton’s been doing this for 30 years, and it struck me, you know, she’s running for the Democrat nomination, and she’s running against the last eight years that she was a part of.  I mean, in order for Hillary Clinton to be elected president, she’s got to find something wrong with the status quo, which she was part of — and she was! She was ripping into the economy.  But just like last night, Hillary Clinton’s been running on “taxing the rich” for 30 years.  Ditto, her husband.

Hillary Clinton has been running on trickle-down didn’t work, “We tried that, we tried that trickle, it was a disaster, and we can’t go back to.”  The Clintons have been saying this for 30 years.  Trickle-down did work.  Trickle-down is what everyday economic activity is anyway.  Reaganomics did work, and it’s time that we headed back in that direction where the economy grew because it grew; not because the government was stimulating it in false, phony ways by just transferring money around.  We don’t have any real economic growth now.

We’ve got real government growth — and while we’ve got real government growth, here’s Hillary Clinton for 30 years saying, “Trickle-down doesn’t work! The rich aren’t paying their fair share,” all of this standard operating procedure blue book, playbook stuff.  But the realization that I have is it’s 30 years, and she’s still complaining about the same old things! It’s 30 years, and she is still proposing the same old things.  Thirty years, and none of what she has proposed has worked.

And people talk about her experience and people talk about her brilliance and all this other stuff.  To me, 30-year track record of nothingness.  How in the world can anybody look at her record and say there have been improvements in any?  She botched health care.  I could go down the list.  Anyway, I wanted to find out when I first started mentioning this, so I had Cookie do an archival search of the archives of this program. They don’t go back too far, just this year, and the first known reference is May 31st on this show.

RUSH ARCHIVE:  She’s the Smartest Woman in the World. She’s the most qualified person to ever run for the presidency. She’s known and adored by Americans for over 25 or 30 years.  How can it be that she’s struggling to find her footing?

RUSH:  And next one, July 29th right here on this program…

RUSH ARCHIVE:  To me, it doesn’t make any sense.  I don’t know what she can possibly be doing.  For this reason:  She been doing it for 30 years.  And there’s still a lot of suffering out there.  The Democrats tell us every day, “There’s still so much suffering.  There’s still so much poverty. There is still so many obstacles.”  What is she doing?  Why isn’t there a rosier future?  Why isn’t the picture better?  For 30 years, Mrs. Clinton has been working for you.

RUSH:  And nothing to show for it but more complaints, more acknowledgment of distress.  Hillary feels your pain.  She knows exactly what you’re going through, while 30 years of telling you she gonna fix it, and nothing’s fixed.  Why is that?  So I was cheering last night when Trump brought this up.  I thought that, ’cause I think obviously since I said it, I think it’s a very persuasive point.


RUSH: Hillary Came Off As A ‘WITCH’ With A Capital ‘B’!

RUSH: The two main things that I think ordinary people saw, are Trump demonstrated his earned position as a major party nominee; he had every business, every right being up there.  And a lot of people were applauding what he was saying up there last night.  And Hillary? She came off exactly as many people see her: A witch with a capital B.


Rush Limbaugh Reacts To First Trump-Hillary Debate: “BORING, ROBOTIC”

RUSH: Okay, folks, let’s just get straight to it.  For people watching this debate last night through the usual prism, through the standard inside-the-Beltway, insider establishment elite circles, if you watched the debate with that as your life experience, with that defining your expectations and that defining your analysis and commentary, Hillary Clinton won this debate in a knockout.  If that’s how you watch these things.

And that’s how the Drive-Bys see it.  That’s how party officials see it.  That’s how elected officials see it.  That is how people inside the Beltway in the business of politics saw the debate last night overall.  At the end of the night, most people don’t want to say it, but Hillary Clinton won in a knockout.  The Drive-Bys all think so, and so do many others.  Why?  Well, because, Hillary was a perfect insider Washington politician.

She spoke in robotic devotion to the meaningless political prattling, going on and on about her plan for this and her plan for that, and this plan over here. And all of the experts who’ve looked at her plan and say it’s the best plan, and all the experts that have looked at his plan and say it’s the worst plan.  And then we got the obligatory takedown of trickle-down economics for about the gazillionth time in 30 years.  We got the obligatory takedown of the rich aren’t paying their fair share for I don’t know how many umpteenth million times Democrat politicians have been preaching that in the last 30 years.

It was boring.  It was robotic.  It was almost, especially the first 20 minutes, Hillary Clinton was blindsided, she didn’t know what had hit her, maybe the first 30 minutes.  She looked out of it. She looked rattled. She looked like she wasn’t prepared for the way Trump was behaving and what Trump had to say.  She was totally programmed.  She was programmed to wait for openings either provided by Trump or provided by Lester Holt.  She was waiting for memorized zingers to be implemented and used.

She was exactly what people are fed up with.  In terms of the insider nature of Washington politics, the professional politician aspect of Washington politics, insincere, say it because it sounds good. Don’t say who you really are, by all means, don’t announce what you’re really for, never get into any specifics.  All you do is try to character assassinate your opponent using the assistance of the moderator.  We knew all of this going in.  The question is, is that how people, voters, saw this last night?